The ultimate freedom to go anywhere, anytime you desire.  Whether you are in a mighty German super sedan or in a Japanese econobox, it’s a fantastic feeling to take to the open road and explore the countryside. At this time of the year it’s probably best to visit the mountains where fall colors can be fully appreciated. Changing of the leaves is a beautiful sight to see whether you are in an Ultimate Driving Machine (BMW), a The Best or Nothing (Mercedes Benz) or in a There is No Substitute (Porsche). Ideally, you would pick a ride with a manual transmission to fully enjoy those twisty mountain roads and hairpins that zig-zag the Japanese countryside. If you happened to be in a Kei-car, well it’s not that bad either as long as you have a decent stereo to play some catchy tunes to mask the sound of the overworked engine.

So, dust off that driver’s license, rent a car if you have to, and enjoy some fresh air and colorful foliage this long weekend.  Take some pictures while you are at it.Which car would you choose? I know my pick….

Of course, if you can’t afford one of the Germans, you can always don a t-shirt with their logo.