Altamaha-ha – Serpent of the Altamaha River in Georgia

We probably all know of the story about Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster. But did you know there is also a Southern folklore about another reclusive creature? It is found along the Altamaha River in southeastern Georgia in the U.S. This river is made up of many islands, marshes, channels, canals, ponds, and old rice fields which all make for good hiding places. The Altamaha-ha is said to have a long slender body, lack of scales, and five rows of bony plates running the length of the body, including a bony ridge on its top. With front flippers and no back limbs, it swims like a dolphin and has the nose of a crocodile, with large, bulging eyes and large sharp teeth. Its coloring is said to be gray or green. Reports indicate that it is 20-30 feet long. There have many sightings by local fishermen, hunters, Boy Scouts, residents, and even a ship’s captain through the years. The creature is said to be shy but did rock a few boats when surprised. There have been a few fuzzy photos taken but so far no one has been able to catch it. So, if you are ever in Georgia near the Altamaha River, keep a look out, you just might be surprised.