Changed My Mind

When I was growing up sometimes for dinner my mom served Brussels sprouts. I hated them. They were a small bitter slimy cabbage like vegetable. I refused to eat them. I tried to give them to the dog, but he just walked away. My mom being smarter than my six-year self, suggested that if I ate them I could  get to watch thirty extra minutes of cartoons that night.  “I changed my mind”, as I grudgingly gobbled them down and drinking two full glasses of milk in the process.

In todays world there are a lot of things going wrong. The weather, economy and many other things are all bad according to the media. But how about if we just changed our minds. A lot recently has been talked about “mental health”. But sometimes this has become negative as it focuses on selfishness and what I feel. How about just focusing on the positives like being thankful for the things in our lives, and thinking of others. I was taught to reflect on love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.  We can transform ourselves by the renewing of our minds to do what is good.