Grand Living

Grand Living.

It must be nice to be a king. Or a queen.

Would you like to try? You can and you don’t even need to be “blue blood”.

All you need is a couple of free days and a ticket to “Old-Europe” to feel like a royal, even if only for a day or two. East-European country-sides are dotted with nobles’ castles converted into hotels where the experience is luxurious yet charming, elegant and historic at the same time. You can truly enjoy beautiful architecture, antique furnishings and feasts fit for a king or queen. And if you are really lucky you might even meet with one of the pervious owners’ ghost in the corridors after midnight There are many styles from baroque to renaissance, from hunting castle to elegant palace. So, save up a bit of money, choose a style of your liking and you can experience what must have been a truly grand living all those centuries ago.

Yes, these are all hotels, which do you fancy?

As for me, I’m going to stay in the castle in the top left corner this summer. Do you envy me?      Alex