“Little Molly”, The Pig Born With Wings

(Actual photo of “Little Molly”) Image courtesy of www. yaudabistro.com


Don’t believe that pigs can fly? Well think again.

According to Mark Miller, who is a journalist, humorist and author on huffpost.com, thanks to genetic modification, pigs can fly.

In a groundbreaking development at the Veterinary Sciences Division at Queens University Belfast, Ireland, research specialist Dr. Kevin O’Farrell has successfully combined the DNA of a pig and an eagle to create a flying pig, or a “peagle,” as O’Farrell has dubbed the new critter.

O’Farrell was jubilant as “the little porker, Molly, began flapping her wings and straight away flew out of the laboratory, down the hallway and out the front door!”

Belfast citizens were shocked. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” exclaims waitress Catherine Cassidy. “That white and brown pig passed right overhead, and fast, too, making both pig and eagle sounds! I nearly wet myself!”

Shoe repair store owner, Gilbert Fitzpatrick, was just leaving his shop when “both pig and bird poop fell from above to the street in front of me. I looked up, saw a small pig with wings flying overhead, and made a vow right then and there to give up drinking!” Fortunately, an Irish Air Corps jet was able to intercept and safely capture the peagle, and then return it safely to O’Farrell.