English Cafe July Topic ~ イングリッシュ・カフェ 6月7月のトピック






2020 June

29th : How do you determine if news is fake or not fake?

2020  July

【Monday : Erik】

6th : What do you think about Mr.Ghosn’s escape from Japan?

13th : Share about your lottery playing experiences, and what would you do if you won a sizeable amount?

20th : What image(smell, climate, food, etc.) do you have for each season?

27th : If you had to live in another country, what country would you choose?

【Wednesday : Collin】

  1st: Lesson about tea. How it is made, sado “the way of tea.” History and tea ceremonies.

8th : Remote working. What’s your daily routine. What kind of work set-up do you use/like? What is important to successfully work remotely.

15th: Why is Japanese summer vacation so short. How to stay cool during the hot summer months.